Specialising in artificial grass since 2003, Royal Grass is distributed all over the world. Dundee Artificial Grass is one of only a few suppliers in Scotland and the only official Dundee based supplier. Our artificial grass prices are taken directly from Royal Grass so there is no need to worry about being overcharged.

The affordability and value for money of Royal Grass is clear to see from any photo but if you have any reservations or you want to get a better idea of the grass options, we can send out a free sample pack. The artificial grass prices vary depending on the type but you will never be disappointed - they are all great value for money!

Below you will find a range of the most commonly selected grasses. The full range and prices can be seen on Royal Grass' website and we can supply and install any option from the Royal Grass family.

Silk 25

  • Silk 25 grass at an angle
  • Silk 25 grass front on
  • Silk 25 grass fully fitted

Price: £26.50

At the lower end of the price range, Silk 25 Royal Grass stands at 25mm tall and boasts supporting thatch, V-shape and MiNT features. This artificial grass is designed for daily use and can handle regular usage. With a suberb realistic freshly mowed look, Silk 25 is a perfect option to finish off a pristine garden.

Silk 35

  • Silk 35 grass at an angle
  • Silk 35 grass front on
  • Silk 35 grass fully fitted

Price: £33.50

A family friendly best seller. Strong enough to withstand the energy of active children on a daily basis, Silk 35 is a popular choice by nurseries and other childcare organisations. With its superb summery appearance, this artificial grass would also be ideal for a decorative garden.


  • Sense grass at an angle
  • Sense grass front on
  • Sense grass fully fitted

Price: £34.50

One of the newest options available. Sense utilises ReaDy Technology to produce a beautifully soft and realistic artificial grass. This is a perfect choice for a lifelike finish. Each fibre of grass in independent allowing them to move and behave freely. As well as its amazing appearance, Sense has the durability to withstand daily use.